18+ SEASONS OF OUTDOOR CANNABIS #20: BIG BUDS ARE COMING. Top Shelf Grower welcomes you to the rooftop cannabis garden at the end of week 3 …


  1. Happy Saturday. It's late summer and won't be long before it's time to harvest. Enjoy the show and get ready for Big Buds.

  2. im Ioving de vids I'm about to start my first plantation, your vids have educated me very much thank you so much keep it up

  3. Hi Top shelf grower, enjoy your vids bro🖒, just have a question it's my first time growing my own cannabis, my plants have been in flower since roughly 12 July, so it's around week 4, how long do I still let them bloom for? and I'm in South Africa so it's winter now may-august, spring begins 1st September. thanks 👍

  4. Your garden looks great this week. I don't know it any of your other viewers had an issue, but I did not get any notification of your episode this week, nor did it pop up in my recommended list as usual. I had to go to your page to find it, which is unusual. You Tube must be high…

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