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Science really is everywhere! From the Big Bang to quantum mechanics to free will to ice skating, we explore it all featuring Neil deGrasse Tyson, Chuck Nice, …


  1. How does tyson find time to appear on all these shows while also advancing the frontiers of science, writing his ground breaking research papers and amazing the scientific community with his genius?

  2. Remember that scene from Matrix when the cat repeated, reminds one of interference=programming meaning when the mainstream is repeating something be sure to have the thinking cap on.

  3. Can somebody please explain me, the argument that Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson and Dr. Brian Greene put up, that what we are doing now, is pre – determined from the The Big Bang Theory ??
    Why from The Big Bang Theory ??

  4. Brain and Neil talked all over Heather Berlin. Chuck asks her a question and the guys take over, Why have her on the show.

  5. Remember as a kid Christmas took for ever to come & summer went on & on …childrens time must be different..

  6. Hey Neil, R U still humiliating abductees? R U still hanging UR leg over the armrest exposing UR crotch? R U still ignoring cattle mutilations since 1979 with no human ever being charged as per Linda Moulton Howe??? R U still flicking your fingers around a behaviour quite unEarth like? You are not on humanity's side! You are part of the LIES!

  7. Whats IRONIC is how Elon Musk is currently developing a a design for his company NEURALINK that implants a device along with electrodes so this girl is actually on to something

  8. Maybe that's why Stephen Curry sucks at clutch shots- He thinks. Good to know, will beat him next year and do that strategy to others. lurker NBA player here. see ya

  9. lol the ice skater like when you are just at the wrong place and u just be like yo lets just go with it and pretend this was the plan and they won't notice xd. Amazing though the free will really makes u think and if anybody has a counter argument, I am very excited to hear it in the replies thanks,


  10. great finish to the rap, but you need to really fix the verses and rhymes. Nowhere near label worthy

  11. It is said that one should not use hands while talking and you see people using their hands while talking !

  12. if she would carry weights lead or whatever while spinning torque etc but as soon as she needs to launch she would let go of the lead weights and launch herself. That should solve that little dilemma no?

  13. I believe in science, facts, physics, all that good stuff, BUT I also believe in reincarnation. I've had too many dreams/astral projections where I am someone else living another life in another time line. If energy cannont be created or destroyed then we have always existed in one way or another. It just makes more sense then your born one time and then you die and that's it. That makes no sense.

  14. I will get the T-Shirt Neil! More than that I love your show and with Brian – this is awesome!



    The Red-Shift has been interpreted as being caused by the Doppler effect, since Edward Hubble discovered the Shift around 1928. If you don’t know what the Red-Shift is, I’ll explain quickly. When you look out into space with a powerful telescope, the further you peer out into the vast universe, the light is slowly shifting to a Redder appearance.

    Since the 1930’s the shift in appearance was interpreted as being caused by the Doppler effect, Let me explain this. This effect works for both sound and light. When a Train is moving towards you with its horn going off, the pitch of the horn will be higher than normal because the sound waves are being squished, once the train passes by the sound wave elongates, making the pitch lower.

    According to this, Photons moving away from you will have a lower frequency, and thus having a longer wave length than a source of light that would be at rest. The light source that is moving away from you would then be redder than usual.

    Now If you looked at distance galaxies. They all have a red shift by the light coming from them in every direction, and the further you look into space the more the light shifts to the red end of the, “electromagnetic spectrum” Or just light. Now what most books won’t tell you is that the two closes galaxies to us don’t have a red shift, they are actually shifting the other way. Meaning they are actually moving toward us. Don’t worry!!! If you are, I’m sure it would take millions of years for our galaxies to converge.

    1 – In “Quantum physics”, the study of light, it is published that each photon has the same energy which is related to its frequency by the formula E=hf, where (h) is Planck’s constant: “0.00000000000000000000000000000000066261 Joules per second”

    2 – Published in a different text, Nevertheless the higher the frequency or shorter the wavelength the more energetic the photon will be.

    Now these two facts contradict each other because the first states that each photon has the same energy and the second states that photons can be more energetic than others. Therefore photons all do not contain the same momentum energy in the electromagnetic wavelength

    Continuing with this argument is that the lower the frequency the longer the wavelength the less energy the photon will contain. Also I have come a crossed to my knowledge is that photonic energy does not contain infinite amount of momentum “Energy” and will lose energy over time.

    I believe past scientist have left out reasons for the Red-Shift Effect or just misinterpreted it.

    With a short logical theory that would explain the Red-Shift, and why it appears that all distant galaxies are moving away from our point in location.

    Since light doesn’t have infinite amount of energy, thus it will lose energy as the light waves travel through space which galaxies are believed to be thousands, million, and even billions of lightyears away. If you didn’t know One light year is about “5,880,000,000,000”miles. This would give sufficient time and distance for light waves to lose energy, thus creating a wavelength that is longer than a wavelength of light coming from a closer source. Since this light loses energy it would shift from a higher frequency to a lower frequency, given the light a Redder appearance. This would also explain why the Red Shift speeds up the further we peer out in the universe. The further the light travels from its source the more and more energy it will lose. The main argument of this paper is that this theory disproves the expansion of the universe. It also disproves the Big Bang Theory which was concocted from the Red- Shift Effect.

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