S:4 Harvest Day🌿 Dolato, Wedding Cake, Peyote Cookies, StarDawg, Peyote Critical & Sweet Devil #2

Day 75 Harvest Day Dolato (In house Genetics) Peyote Critical +Barney’s Farm) Peyote Cookies (Barney’s Farm) Star Dawg #2 (Genetics Unknown) Wedding …


  1. What company does that wedding cake ? Looks good. Also Barneys is everywhere here in Canada, ive heard good and bad things. What do you think ? Looks like it turned out well for you.

    Im personally on Dutch Passion-Shaman at the moment, but looking for stuff for my next run.

  2. Good lookin flowers bro. Just started a channel myself spreading the subscription love. Keep it growin you savages 😎

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