S:4 Ep:7 KC/LB & KC Indoor Cannabis Grow 2019

This is a Age Restricted Video from a legal OMMP registered grow site. Sponsor’s Silver Squirrel Farms Silver Squirrel Farms Seed Souvenir Inquiries Email: …


  1. Hello friend!:) You have a very cool channel nice to watch Super !:) let's be friends channels? From me subscribe & like 🙂 Visit to my channel I hope for reciprocity. With respect in advance thankful😊💜

  2. Yeahhhhhhhh alrightttttttttt nice very nice plants looking amazing buds coming along nicely great setup everything looking beautiful I'm loving it great job my friend bless up nuff respect cheers and growers luv I just drop a vid as well

  3. Lovely ladies. Should be fun finding new pheno's for the outdoor. Great job. Keep growing!

  4. Nice job AA! Can't wait to get into spring again!!! The KC is a pleasure to grow and is my new outdoor favorite!

  5. The KCLB Plants are looking fantastic! Love the smell description on them! The Keweenaw is kicking butt in the supersoil. 👊😀👍💚👏

  6. PPM might be higher than you would like but the plants look fine no tip burn shown in the video so good job sometime I push my plants with heavy PPM 2000 or so and some strains take it others show a little tip burn but I find if you feed them as heavy as you can you are rewarded with a larger yield and stronger flower! Organic grow also stellar nice work Double A as always respect and peace to you!!

  7. Those are looking really good bro❄️❄️🌳🌳 like the bushy canopy those are going to be solid nug’s.. Nice work💯💪🏾

  8. Looking good throwing some of those PK boosters on tbem.in flower can make a huge difference. Best of luck growers love as always stay medicated

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