1. Im glad the powers that be are allowing folks to use these herbs and products to heal their bodies. I wish you all the luck in the world.

  2. Thank u for sharing your story ! you r very brave…u def have to be your on advocate

    I deal w chronic pain…i’m in Fl & have a card. how do u take your rso oil ? I purchased some….I know ur not supposed to vape it

    I think they all have a bad taste & so sticky
    (the truclear). maybe the RSO will taste better

    it’s tough when u find something that works bc the dispensaries r always changing strains or they r sold out.

    hope that u have total healing !

  3. Are you having any trouble with getting your medication I take the 50 mg Indica pills with substantial amount of Vape or also use truclear I have a seizure disorder and I have liver disease stage 3 I'm doing better and everything's been good but I've had to switch to Strattera because I can't hold my breath and hope they have my medicine the day I'm out cuz it's 2 hours to dispensary for me I love their products but the products I got from Strattera there Vape good I'm still on the pills but I'm almost out and I will using their relief almost like the truclear. I've been looking for almost 2 years they used to call me back when they got products in because of my situation I've had three different people tell me they called me back and haven't heard a thing so I switched it to Strattera I can't take Pharmaceuticals with my liver and I can't chance not having when I have a seizure disorder also that would take my license so I can't chance waiting on trulieve. I just lost my Harley here in Hurricane Michael which had a problem with meds then got it taken care of and I just got a new Indian I have a seizure I lose my license my bike is my life I'm 34 years old oh and I broke my back and have rods effusion and a synthetic disk and two disk repairs medical marijuana is the only thing I can use and I've trusted in it for 2 years now I'm glad to see somebody that has a lot of medical issues speak because usually it's about products or people I can't relate to you I can I had very bad Health before medical marijuana now I finally feel like a human thank you for your video but I was just wondering if you were having problems because I am also on very high dose to and it works and I'm so scared of not having it thank you for your video again Travis

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