1. if you dissolve 2 of those and some reclaim into ever clear omg that tincture is so strong !!!!!!!!!!

  2. That’s funny because the one I went to wouldn’t let me combine another discount on top of the $400 discount 😡

  3. Love the video I’m about to head to Trulieve to get the RSO now!! Can’t wait! Love the videos. Would love to cross promote pages and maybe do interview with you on my channel!!

  4. Hey…. Just got back from going to the dispensary in Gainesville, while I was at Trulieve I picked up two syringes of RSO and the Lemon Tree Shatter. I had the Lemon Tree Shatter delivered to me about three weeks ago and I simply loved it and now Florida has RSO, this is my first time using this oil and I’m looking forward to relieving my chronic pain issues and the ability to have my anxiety stay away for awhile.

  5. I'm Soo glad I was the one that couldn't handle MCT oil this new RSO is perfect and I come from the West coast muvs RSO is 80 a gram so go to trulieve they are also doing 10 grams for 400 a great price!!! Thank yall for the videos keep them coming 😊

  6. Do you send this oil in UK? If yes, where I can purchase it? My step father just found out he has cancer and is willing to try everything which might help. Thank you so much

  7. I just got one the other day..I like these syringes better than the regular ones too..The RSO GGP is Amazing!!!

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