Rich's Top 6 Marijuana Stock Picks for 2018. Plus Cryptocurrencies Update – with Rich TV Live

Rich’s Top 6 Marijuana Stock Picks for 2018. Plus Cryptocurrencies Update – with Rich TV Live // Visit and …


  1. Hi Rich, another great video. Like you, AURORA is my favorite pot stock & investment. Have you ever run the numbers for Aurora at full production? I'd love to hear your input. I estimate Aurora's first full year capacity / production / sales will be somewhere in 2019-2020. Based on estimated 270,000 kg multiplied by at 1kg = 1,000 grams, puts us at 270,000,000 grams.

    At an average of say C $8.00 per gram minus (ALL IN COSTS PER GRAM), I come up with staggering numbers. Like you, I think investors could see $40, 50, 60 per share in a few years……..YOU'RE thoughts and math would be appreciated.

  2. Good stuff! I am holding the a Big 3 cannabis stocks and I am satisfied with my gains so far! I know the US cannabis stocks are very speculative, but I'd be curious to hear Rich's take on the recent developments of TRTC. Thanks again for the info, Rich and Dave!

  3. Nobody is 100%, but both you and Rich have some good picks and informative videos (in cannabis industry and others). Keep it up Guys!

  4. Hey Rich and Dave!
    Keep up the great content guys, love these videos.. I have minor positions in:
    My largest holding is the ‘Loan Shark’ of the cannabis industry, Cannabis Wheaton

  5. Hi guys been watching you videos for a while now. Great stuff,great content. Good job. Can you give us the link to the WhatsApp group. Will love to be a part of it. Thanks guys.

  6. Sunniva is generating 10m + in revenues with NHS, and there vapour business. Thats what got me s toked on sunniva plus there low float.

  7. Good call out on Sunniva! I made profit on Snn at 9.8 to about $14.7, just bought more 1000 shares at average $11.38, after hearing the 45000kgs deal with canopy! They only have about 27m shares, ACB has 450m shares, CBW has 350m shares, so sunniva has 1//10 the shares of majority of the players.

  8. I think everyone's down about 50%. Because of our risk management and fomo something that has made me into a better Trader now

  9. Thank you for teaching us. Look into sing they're going to start crypto Market sing also one of your pics from back in the days. Also some guy from The Shark Tank is doing business with them can't remember his name but look into it.

  10. Been with you since the beginning because of you I started my successful cannabis Trading and future crypto Trading

  11. Hi Rich and David…this is where I put up my feet up, and have a coffee. Rich I thought WEED did very well today for a day trade. David could you arrange to have a interview with Rich, (or Rich could you do a video ) about The Green Organic Dutchman . TGOD…..IPO March 19. 🙂 Please ~ I'm starting to feel the same about Aurora, as you Rich. They just pitched a deal with TGOD. ~

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