Reviewing American Shaman's Water Soluble CBD Oil

Today I am reviewing American Shaman’s Water Soluble CBD Oil. American Shaman has 104 stores through out the United States. Their water soluble is full …


  1. American Shaman has ascorbic acid in their cbd bottle which concerns me. From what I know, that is made from black mold in labs.

  2. American Shaman's Water Solublei is just hemp oil, does not say CBD on bottle, just hemp. can't be trusted. Or it would say CBD.

  3. LOUD sound fx not needed, wish people would stop trying to be Hollywood and look pro to start their overall lame production.

  4. Some lady used it for 4 months and she says she owes her life to it.i just ordered mines she said the water soluble worked better than the oil

  5. This company gives no test results
    No manufacturing information.
    Most likely this is cheap CBD (or synthetic) bought in bulk, put into a bottle and they slapped a label on it
    Your body knows what's up.

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