ReVegging A Harvested Cannabis Plant Tutorial – Growing Cannabis 201: Advanced Grow Tips

Learn how to reveg or regenerate cannabis plants after harvesting buds. Step by step revert your cannabis plant back to veg after harvesting it’s flowers. Find out …


  1. Hey Lex Blazer I have a sour d that went into flower early but is now revenging outdoor what should I do with the flower on the plant?

  2. I’ve seen a lot of your videos and I’m hooked. I’ve never grown before but I want to start to try it. My big question is. Can I grow it in my basement. It’s finished down there and I have a humidifier and heat&A/C build in. Can I just grow in the middle of the room or do I have to buy a grow tent? Thank you for your time.

  3. How about a video on uses for male plants. I always have one ore two that sprout. Is there any other uses besides pollination? For example, would it be possible to make a cbd butter or oil ?

  4. Is it possible to contact you personally? It's in regards to my daughter's medical condition thank you for your time and your consideration…

  5. Got a question I’ve seen a few others growers videos and I’ve noticed that a lot of them are using 2 different types of lights. What’s the reason for this.

  6. I want to make a grow box and I want to paint my wooden box with a white spray can and white primer for the first coat, but is there some kind of paint or product in the paints that may not be used? That the plant can damage?

  7. So… first time grower here. I have six plants… say I flip them to flower, having taken cuttings from all six, then I flower the lot together. Once I see which plant produces the best buds, I declare it the mother… who is in bloom, so I harvest her, and re-veg, hoping she survives (with the back-up of having those cuttings coming through). I could, in theory, re-veg her in the same tent while growing the cuttings, then when they need to be flipped to flower, flower her again, and re-veg as before? Point being, I wouldn't need a separate tent for mamma, as I had planned? And as I am not overly concerned with her yield, I can re-veg constantly, as she just needs to produce cuttings?

  8. help, i need a more in-depth an detail video on seeds, at least 20 mins long.
    whats the dif between, feminized, regular, auto, none feminized, and i don't know what i should use for the strongest most dense and highest yield as fas as possible??

  9. Make a videos on pest control how to prevent it and control it when it does happen whats safe and not safe…. currently got a white fly thing going on I believe on my sprouting and dont know how to go about it 😞

  10. just wanted to say I spent the last few hours watching about 10-15 of your videos and the amount of knowledge I've gained about growing cannabis is unreal to me. I really appreciate what you're doing. I've wrote down some key notes and also saved some of the videos that are of importance to me. really, thank you.

  11. I harvested and indoor crop around easter. I through all my "stump" out in my compost pile. few weeks later I noticed it had some new growth. I buried exposed roots and let it be, 5 months later I pulled a lb and a half of it! as nice as the indoor it produced before! nature is a powerful biatch!! lol

  12. My problem is the amount if light given to them. They just reached October harvest time. Then get cut then go to a very high time when winter has 8 to 9 hrs light low 150w led grow light 3 weeks then slowly build up the time till you reach 18 again. It's a long drawn out process but if needs must.

  13. Hey there
    Anyone have used fourbudz led lights?
    Can't find any reviews on Google or YouTube for them ,but they look pretty decent

  14. STARTS @ 1:15…. if you DO NOT want to have to sit through all the mumbo jumbo plugs & non revegging related info that you DID NOT come here to watch…you are welcome

  15. The new audio makes you sound like you know what your're talking about. Even more than before.
    Great lessons.

  16. Thanks for the knowledge. I always learn new techniques from your channel. Keep up the great work. I’m going to give this a shot to see how it turns out. I will keep you posted.

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