1. Want to remove chest fat without exercise.??

    Search austin goh on youtube u will get therapy by mr. austin in his videos .. u can do it in ur home also.. changes will show in 7-10 days..

  2. Bhai your story and my story is same bro thanks for this video paaji
    And paaji if u don't mind
    Instagram per dm kr k mai bhe tips ley lu aap sey
    Dil sey thanks veere its means a alot❤

  3. Bhai in last video you said ,chest ,back & leg(big mussels) if we trained these will we get more mussels and loose extra fat!is it true

  4. Bhai you give a full motivation speech but I think you still have puffi nipples and gyno and you know this thing

  5. Bohat zaroorat thi is video ki… Bro apne bas Park k chakkar lagaye or diet ok kardi? Or result kitne saal mein mila

  6. bro u messed up the explaination of testosterone and estrogen imbalance between men n women during 4:20 to 4:40 time in the vide..pls review

  7. Not every super hero wear Cape,
    Not every person talking about gynecomastia is Ape,
    You enlighten others by helping them to get in shape,
    Sir, you should have mentioned that testosterone can be boosted by grape.

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