REFILLING CURALEAF PODS | vape your truclear/concentrate for cheaper | Florida Medical Marijuana ♡

TL;DR: you can easily fill up an empty vape cartridge from Curaleaf with thick concentrates, and vape them. Or go to 3:03 to see the step-by-step screen. Or go to …


  1. quick question ,how much does a gram of oil will normally last you? like would you take 4 hits and feel pretty good so it will last long?

  2. I have a question….One of my curaleaf pods started leaking from where you inhale, I'm not sure if its thc oil or not but it is a darker orange color… it's also a little hard to take a drag compared to my other two curaleaf pods…. is that normal? What should I do to fix that?

  3. curaleafs oil sucks but the tanks they use are my favorite by far. currently have truclear filled in one while i wait for my ccells to ship and it hits and tastes perfectly at 2.8v

  4. New to this and a little confused so bear with me but isn't the trupod a trulieve product? By the way subscribed to your channel, love what you're doing. Learning heaps.

  5. So you actually put the concentrate down into the hole that it screws into because that's what I was worried about with losing concentrate in that hole.

  6. Thanks for the info, just one question – In the video you mention something about the pen not being able to heat thick concentrate. Do I need to get a stronger battery? Tried to refill Curaleaf cartridge with some of their 90% THC distillate concentrate. Just used a little to try it out, didn't work. Kinda new to concentrates and oils, not sure what I'm doing and don't want to waste it or make a mess. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

  7. Prettiest girl out there… On another note sh*t i need to start smoking again. Medicine from mother nature

  8. Hi Ellie! You have answered so many questions for me. You have truly made my life less stressful. Thank you! Thank you

  9. Thc distillate + glass oil rig + torch= medicated as hell. I personally dab it as I have found it is the cheapest way to stay legally medicated. Also if u don't feel ur thc distillate as strong as u want or it doesn't feel the same as flower try adding your own terpenes ( chemical that give cannabis it's smell, taste, and other medical effects) You can easily and legally buy them online even on amazon and turn a bland distillate into ur favorite "strain".

  10. Also consider the ccell th2 cartridges. They're about$5 each and they are designed for oils.add the ccell palm batter for $15 and then $60 syringe and you're still under the $94 price point of a single pod from Trulieve 😊

  11. I stay outside if Gainsville in Ocala. Im an hour drive to my Trulieve. How far are your travels to get medicine?

  12. I love reusing the Trupods because they got so well and last so long. I wish I knew what brand of pod Trulieve uses because I can’t find it anywhere so if you find out PLEASE share!!! I got over 10 (re)fills out of my last pod before flavor started to mute but it’s still usable if I desired. I know it’s not the Cora pod for sure because I personally have bought the Cora because a lot of people said they were the same product as the Trupod but after I purchased them I realized they fit in the Trustick, fired and everything, just didn’t perform anywhere near where the Trupod did and honestly just pissed me off. Too tight of a draw and no vapor production. Anyway thanks for the info and let me know if you ever hear anything please because Truclear is so much cheaper:)

  13. great video, I've still been using the Vfire pods I covered on my channel but the refill process is a total pain. I'm thinking of investing in the truclear warmer because the plastic bag in hot water is getting reeeeeeal old.

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