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  1. What we clearly need in Arkansas is less Regulation I agree about keeping it out of hands of children putting for people that clearly have no understanding of the plant in charge and regulations and over charging growers almost a million $$$$ This only shows how crooked the legislator is in Arkansas Starting with the ASIA clearly you would be better off if you allow a open market where the state can have regulation and rules for startup costs but they should not be over regulated this is not going to help the sales and tax money you want to have by taxing the sick because clearly that is Arkansas agenda. Tax the sick regulations where people with real needs can't get access to the plant only the rich and over priced sticker shocks this is because of regulation clearly Arkansas is in fear of harms that's clearly are not there. We need more of a market like Oklahoma where these over regulated and bios people are not trying to regulated based on bios but a free market if you want taxes you should #Legalize fully the idea will work for a while but will fail because there is not enough growers and cannabis for the public the over regulation only makes it where if you have money and can pay a doctor $250 you can get on the program this does not help people that have anxiety disorders like my self that can not pay $250 to visit a doctor and $150 each time you have to come back to see the doctor and $50 a year to be on the program and over priced cannabis of more then $150 a half oz every week to two weeks you see how the people like me who make less then 10K a year clearly the state does not care about people like me who are on SSI and cant afford all these charges who have server anxiety and insomnia and have a poor quality of life because i can not be part of society when it triggers anxiety where i have to back in my shell or stay home within for walls because i can not deal with the triggers and I used cannabis for this in the day time and i use a strong indica at night to help me sleep but now days i have to get my unsafe product from the black markets because the legislators of Arkansas are so much in fear that this plant that has never killed one person in 80 years will be used by more and more people and I full agree with you We should do what we can to keep it out of the hands of children but the facts are the facts and the truth are the truth no one has ever overdosed from the use of cannabis if it was in candy smoked vaped or what ever and you should not over regulate a plant that helps people it is a anti inflammatory it can also calm and be used for pain but even if you got a lot it would not kill you it would take something like 500 pounds in 30 seconds and it is impossible for something like that to happen the truth is that if this was heroin cocaine or meth or prescription pills children would die heroin pcp or even alcohol or tobacco this would kill some one.

    The truth is it is safer then any of these there is no proof that it is any more addictive the coffee or tea or caffeine to say it is more addictive is not true. I have used the plant holistically for over 35+ years I do not wake up craving the plant It helps me just like it helps people with #CannabishelpsDementia and #PTSD but because i have never served in the arm forces I am not seen as some one that clearly has been seen by a doctor and psychiatrist and knows what I would do i would like to wake up and not be told that just because i am a Adult over 21 Im going to be treated like a criminal in the state of Arkansas just because i choose to grow a few plants 6-12 that do not weigh more then 1-3 pounds this is not likely a true understanding of the plant as it is only the buds it will be less based on dry weight no leaves stems and roots that I can have up to 2 and half ozes a week 4 ozes is a quarter pound 8 ozes a half a pound and 16 oz is you may get prob 2 or 3 oz a plant if you grow them to 5 foot and let them mature this would be a cheaper option as I can not pay $250 to $300 a oz of course I am experienced at growing so i would make sure that all the fire hazards have been checked I would not be selling it to any one but would gift it and not get any money or any other exchange for it I would not give it to kids they allow you to grow in Washington DC and they have other states that allow this and Arkansas needs to follow these footsteps if they agree or not we clearly should have the right as adults not to be charged for something that is being allowed in other states " The constitution of the United States says we are all Equal under the laws" We clearly need to be allowed out Constitutional rights.

    of course that does not mean that it should not be regulated but not over regulated the medical program is going to fail because of over priced and regulation sticker shocks and legislation that is not helpful to make sure every one is included into the medical marijuana program but only the rich and privileged. #Cannabis #MedicalMarijuwana #ArkasnasLegeasaltion #ArkansasHouseofRepresinitives #ArkasnasLaws #ArkasnasCannnbisCommission #ArkansasDepartmentofHealth


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