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  1. Wow before i get totally into this stream
    43:08 – is where i am
    Today's news was interesting so far

    I agree you should protect the farmers nationwide not just in one state lets face the facts here and that is Cannabis is a big business lets look on one side where you have hemp.
    that alone can create hell of a lot of industry and jobs not only you start with the Farmers then you have to have possessing plants and this needs to be done with real people not that
    a computer and robots could get the job done they have no contuse of the investment around them the real work starts will All the Farmers little industry and better with and without THC surly you can legislate the differences but i have sen some strange way of law making and i have seen things that relay work well and is booming. Not only can you make cloth from hemp you can make rope and concrete. However there is so much more there are the medical sides and since and study's and testings all these are great jobs for the young doctors and scientist that relay do want to keep the politics to the politicians and the science to the truth based on scientific facts oils to candy to food to drinks this is one of the best things you can use for inflammation in the world and these are all jobs that can be given to the ones that need the jobs then you have contractors and work for the carpenters brick layers and consultants lawyers and CPA to help handle and make sure you properly pay taxes and this is just the hem this is not including the jobs from cannabis starting with the Growers and the little farms that can sell to the despondence that can have it tested before they sell it this creates a great agricultural giant of business I think it is great that these can flourish and create jobs then you have the other side of the cannabis to think about extractions and keef extraction solution less is the best way and you can also dry shift to make hell of a dab or nectar off the goddess the sweet head and triecones of the cannabis plant then there is the study of it terpines and the differences in each plant that also could be used
    turpeans of other plants are found to give the cannabis a different flavor this in it self is another part of the industry there are min a way to make this in to a healthy business. There are lotions and all kinds ways you can truly make jobs out of this Industry obviously for the THC growers they have to have experienced trimmers you could put this in the machine and watch your profits go right into the Bum CAN you destroy the tricones that could be used for dabs or the bids pressed with heat that offer real quality you know cannabis is like a tomatoes that is to say that it is and should be treated like a produce product with quality moister and no molds or mildew freshness is something that gives it value but not over stale buds that clearly was nor handled correctly you got to have the right people to do the job that cares about quality of product and this comes from drying to trimming to dry sifting to sticky nectar being pressed to oils and the stems all can be recycled and added to a compost heap or used for hemp rope or what ever could be recycled and made hemp wick if you know what to do to make it work and that would employ more people now we are talking to bee farmers for the all natural wax and the honey that can be used in the plants flouring stage to make the buds bigger there is of course uses for every thing like cbd cottage cheese, yogart,cheese there is a way….


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