Recreational Marijuana and Employment | Connecting Point | Jan. 7, 2019

While recreational marijuana use is legal for adults in Massachusetts, there is a gray area when it comes to employment. Recreational adult users may run into …


  1. Those who advocate for marijuana use because “what a person does to their own body in the privacy of their own home is their personal business” misses the point that we live in a society where we all pay for that user. Society pays higher insurance premiums (automobile, workman’s compensation, etc), pays unemployment benefits, pays public health costs for associated illness (eg emphysema, cancer), pays for rehabilitation for drug use, pays incarceration for associated crimes, just to name a few areas. The taxable “benefit” of legalized recreational use does not begin to offset these expenses, let alone the fact that the value of a lost life…for the victims of users via drug-related accidents, or for the users themselves…is incalculable.

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