2. All of us were laughing at your LTC trade on BTC Bens stream haha. Thanks for all the laughs you bring the community snippy. "Snippy didn't catch that dippy!"

  3. and after the pension plan scoops up the state assets, it will still go bankrupt, then the assets of the state get sucked up for pennies on the dollars by the credit vipers(banksters)… great way to steal what they cant buy.

  4. To everyone hating on Jsnip and any crypto calls….. If you did some actual research yourself rather than relying on someone else just give you all the answers, you'd realize cryptos have NOT made a higher high in over 14 months. Yeah, prices are going up. Only to fall right back down. Ya'll stop giving my boy Snippy such a hard damn time when you're not even looking at charts on your own time! Cryptos are gonna go back down even further than they have been, and all of ya'll we'll look like idiots in a few weeks

  5. I hope you’ve bought your lite coins back , though 63 should be considered resistance, mr. snip.

  6. I just watched a 39 minute commercial. Stone coat countertops. Very cool. So if everything crashes and you can't afford quartz or granite countertops, this is for you lol

  7. Hire a task force? Government is disgusting! Hire more government officials to figure out a way to fleece more taxpayers!

  8. Hey Snip, fellow illinoisan here. Sorry you have to deal with the crap in the comment section. Name one person who gets at 100% right 100% of the time. None exist. So all these whiny basement dwellers have nothing better to do then attack other people. Ignore it. Say hello to Bix.

    Oh, and do you think Illinois is nearing adopting other democrat-controlled states who are placing exit taxes on money leaving their state?

  9. Hey! Assholes who troll snippy, if ya don’t like his blog, don’t watch it..and shut the fck up about his Litecoin. It’s his Litecoin. 👍👍 he can do whatever he wants to with it, sell it, give it away whatever.

  10. Your telling me??? I live in this DUMPSTER FIRE!!!! Just yesterday JB P, signed a 5 year ramp up in our Min wage rate to $15/Hr. That will cause our bonds to now get rated to JUNK, much like our roads. I'm setting up a plan to get out as soon as my daughter finishes HS! BUT I AM BUYING LTC BABY!!! because I can manage my Money better than my GOVERMENT can!!

  11. Why would you use two chemicals when one would do the job? That's where, that's the decis… thats why I use husky complete.

  12. LTC halving is common knowledge. It's just gonna stair step up from now on. Decoupling from BTC is happening.

  13. Don't allow the water , Lake Michigan I mean, to be sold or messed with as enough pollution gets in the lake as well t is now. Terrible state to live in bc no one is smart enough to manage .

  14. It's time to admit the pension system is a complete failure. It has been proven to be not much more than a slush fund.

  15. They stole the pension money from New Jersey state workers.. Christie Todd Whitman was the first robber

  16. So you think the collier international is shady?……so they get paid.. and don't care, they make money either way….. hmmmmm.. oh that's how it works… duh
    A bit how snippy works… advert his "trades" on youtube.. and lead people to patreon….

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