[Re-upload] How Does CBD Oil Work? | Mechanisms of THC and CBD in Pain

Sound is corrected here! In this video, we explore the mechanisms of cannabinoids such as CBD in the treatment of pain. Also explored are basic pain signaling, …


  1. hello Kevin.do you know which amount of CBD oil is necessary to " treat" fibromyalgia, hyper inflammation of the brain due to cold turkey benzos .because i take 50 mg/day but i see no difference.the only that helps is 1 g of opium powder per day.i m sure 50 mg Cbd oil is not enough but i ve no clue about the amount to take. thanks for help. another question : do you know if hypothalamus and hypophyse injuries and/or inflammation are visible on RMI s. thanks

  2. Thanks a lot for you efforts, I am wondering how does the complexation with the receptors will be. Is there any particular metal working in this mechansim

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