Rare Dankness & House of Dankness Cannabis – Scott Reach (S1E6: Canna Cribs, Denver, CO)

Canna Cribs T-shirts AS SEEN in this episode: ~-~~-~~~-~~~~-~~-~–~-~~-~ Episode 6 of Canna Cribs Season 1 …


  1. something we want to know is how many grams or ounces they grow per plant and the best techniques to grow big plants

  2. Feeling happy with my homies just received our order from Mr Bill this is really good shit like u said may you be rewarded lol, shout out to him on wickr (billbob420) or whatsapp +15309365004

  3. It's definitely a beautiful set up, don't get me wrong. I really like the operation. The only thing I can't understand is having a facility like that and still be producing a low quality product. That flower room literally makes me cringe. Sooo much wasted potential. They need to really bring in a professional master grower consultant or hire more skilled growers. I'm not trying to sound like I'm hating at all. They've got an absolutely amazing facility. Very nice work all-around 👏👍👊. Although there's always room for improvement. (707)-(209) Humboldt County born and raised 🌲🌲🌲

  4. Wow this place is amazing a dispensary/laboratory the place is beautiful and very clean there is so much I love about this place an I havent even stepped foot in there yet and i especially love that they use element papers for there joints alot of people dont know about them but they are the best around great shop

  5. My country (Thailand) is having a medical marijuana policy. If the law passed, I would like to have funding and will send marijuana to investors at a lower price than the market price by 40%.

  6. Amazing setup, awesome channel. In the main flower room is that recirculation or drain to waste ?

  7. Since I live in Nevada and it is legal here , can I buy from another state that is legal & have it shipped to me ?????

  8. weed farms should be SMALL BIZ ONLY. NO PHIL MORRIS. also zero automation to get the USA working again

  9. May have been answered earlier, but with regards to the machine trimmer, does that waste some of the keef you'd normally keep on the bud by hand trimming? If some is wasted (understandable considering time and personnel you save) is there a way with those machines to catch what falls down with the trimmings?

  10. Isn't butane extraction illegal/toxic ?? & We've just flushed
    All of the Nitrogen out of our plants & You put it back in ??
    Not to be a dick, Great genetics but smoking chemicals '~'

  11. They employ a chemist but still doing old-fashioned and questionable butane extraction? Saving money for consumer safety?

  12. I just installed that same model dehumidifier for a company in PA. Great tool for humidity control.

  13. jungle boys got you guys beat i really thought there flower rooms would be way better there needs to be some better growers in there

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