Rare Dankness Cannabis – Interview with Scott Reach Owner of Rare Dankness

Canna Cribs Episode 6 interview with Owner of Rare Dankness and House of Dankness , Scott Reach – Growers Network University has Launched …


  1. Would be nice to have a franchised Rare Dankness here in Tulsa, Oklahoma, gonna get my hands on Dark Ghost Train strain soon, need that rare fire Dankness…63,000 patients

  2. Lol franchise later this year in Michigan. Be longer than that.. regulations haven’t even been rolled out.

  3. if Austria legalizes cannabis I am very interested in a franchise

    (( <3 ))

    THANKS for this interview

  4. This is the best interview @GrowersNetwork has ever done. Scott's story about overcoming cancer to build a top-notch cannabis brand is very inspiring. Scott's philosophy on product quality, medical patients and naturally sourced cannabinoids demonstrate his commitment to doing things the right way. He correctly predicts how mega corporations are attempting to pervert the industry, prioritizing profit above all else. Keep up the good work Growers Network and Rare Dankness!

  5. after watching this I need to get some rare dankness seeds . and also cbd is bullshit thc is what fights cancer . watch rick simpson

  6. This interview is so great! Thank you both for doing it. I want to get into the cultivation aspect of the industry and you have helped give me the direction I need and have been looking for. Thank you Scott, thank you both! I always love the videos.

  7. i'm so curious of Rare Darkness strain. Couldn't get myself to pull the trigger on them. Now I cant find them in stock anywhere. I love grapes strains. I wonder if this one is what I've been looking for. anyone have any experience with this strain? and yes I said DARKness not DANKness

  8. Incredibly hyped for the tour! Cannacribs is easily some of the best content on YouTube and only gets better. Here’s to the recent legalization of medical in my home state! 🌱❤️

  9. I see this industry becoming very… corporate. That saddens me and concerns me! Thoughts of your typical corporate environment, culture and mindset along with monsanto like entities don't sit well with me. Not say this is like that but, I do see the trend.

  10. What an awesome interview. Scott is such a down to earth guy. Cannacrib is my favourite info channel bar none 😀

  11. Really Proud of you Little Brother💚…Keep up the Great work! Cannacribs you did a Awesome job💚💚💚💚

  12. Wow. This is MUST WATCH material. please watch till end. There is powerful and important information here which anybody and everybody who cares about cannabis should be aware of. Nick and team, thank you so much. One love❤️

  13. Scott's OG, Rug Burn OG, Drama, and of course Ghost Train Haze are my fav. Really good genetics, I highly recommend RD.

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