Pure CBD Oil and Autism Treatment Part 2

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  1. Just bought CBD for my 11 year old son. He weighs 90 lbs. Im unsure what dosage to start on..it is 5oo mg. I tried a 1/4 dropper on myself first and felt terrible….it was too strong…I know some people count drops….should I try that? Maybe 5 drops?

  2. So happy that cbd oil works for your child! I recently bought cbd oil as it was legalised in my country, but it seem like not working for my boy. He takes now for one week and no changes at all. Meltowns, tantrums etc. I cant go out with him because straight he gets meltdown. I didnt have this problem few months ago 🙁 His sleep is bad/ 2-3 times he wakes up and demans milk, because he does not eat duing the day :/// he is 3 years old now. Idk if should I buy different oil and maybe i dont give him good dose? I have cbd 2.75% and give him 6 drops per day split into 3/3. But i have to mix with milk, so maybe thats the issue? Maybe i should force him to take it on/under tongue but it woould be a battle :/

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