“PTSD is a crock of shit”, official tells veteran trying to claim benefits!

The benefits system is failing armed services veterans with many reporting that their mental health problems are not understood and are not being taken …


  1. One day she's going to meet a soldier on the edge and get a taste of PTSD herself. Ignorant cunt.

  2. A lot of the assessors aren't qualified in mental health problems, they are someone in the medical services eg even physio who I don't think are qualified for assessing things like PTSD X

  3. Die for your country… step this way. Need support in hard times… sod off. They want our money so they can ensure the rich are never out of pocket.

  4. This is one of those Ian Duncan shit left overs… Failure on failure on failure… Time to get rid of these rejects… General election needed….

  5. Tell them your a Muslim and cannot work with women because of Religious beliefs and therefore must be put on Benefits…


  6. Had a conversation on the phone with these people today: https://dls.org.uk/free-advice/online-advice/disability-discrimination-law-advice/ …about my treatment/care, or lack of, since leaving the Army.
    They left the phone off the hook, and i heard them laughing and saying "oh…at least i got him off the phone. I knew it would be something like that"
    Feel free to give them a piece of your mind….because as i just proved (i also recorded the call 😉 ) unless you have money, clearly legal people don't even give a fuck either.

  7. Shameful treating our veterans like this. Amber rudd and her manky DWP are a crook of shit down with this evil government



    WHAT A LOAD OF 80110K5 .

  9. Tory history, they started of as thieves, son's of dukes and barons stole land and anthing they wanted during the enclosures. They are still thieves, now its the crumbs from the table, they have asset stripped the country for the last 10+ years, while at the same time filling their friends pockets. If you want to be a polly-tician learn the art of bullshit. Only believe them when they say they we are taking more out of your pocket. Have you tried putting your own hand in your pocket lately? You cannot, it's full of tories

  10. Clearly DWP are testing to see if claimants are determined and genuine.? Always remember it matters not one jot what an unqualified individual claims.

  11. Why do we need assesors? Doctors and hospital are enough. Do away with assesors they know sweet FA not fit for purpose at all

  12. Maybe she has had a sugar coated skippy doo dah kind of life ,Lucky enough to not had a single trauma ,LUCKY YOU! In that case you know NOTHING & expecting uneducated people LIKE YOU to deal with people that suffer from ptsd,cptsd & mental health ,Send that bitch on her way as an experiment to go through what they do ,dump her in the middle of it because SHE can back up the BULLSHIT she speaks after her return AND THEN SEE IF HER ATTUTIDE IS THE SAME.

  13. I had a dying friend asked if she could lift an empty cardboard box when she said yes they stopped her money . She died being owed thousands of backdated money they mad her last weeks on earth hell

  14. Very good video showing the disgraceful treatment of armed forces veterans trying to navigate the horrendous new benefit system. Time to have a general election Conservatives in disarray vote labour

  15. I had to sell everything I owned after 35 years to survive for 41/2 years it was a nightmare on top of THE nightmares still living it , I faded into ablivion just as I entered this world , supportive landlady helped a jewel , got to stay off the drugs and alcohol to survive it . Ptsd takes out the biggest men no matter how tough you really think you are.

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