Psychonautics: A Comic's Exploration Of Psychedelics

Comedian Shane Mauss sets out on a mission to prove psychedelics are not as scary as they seem… by doing all of them. While describing the indescribable, …


  1. I'm glad the end showed the more realistic results of taking psychedelics– weeks of no sleep and a trip to the psychward

  2. This documentary is super inspiring to me. I've been on a big consciousness expansion journey the last 4 years, processing old trauma, opening new possibilities and trying to stay grounded in the process. I've taken a number of the psychedelics in this documentary during this journey, under the guidance of professionals and also with experienced friends and shamans and this documentary is helping me make sense of my experiences, the good and the bad. Shane you're amazing. A pioneer, a rebel and an Inspiration. Thank you to you and the team for your all your hard work on this piece x

  3. Gonna watch this film. Just wondered if anyone could suggest which grub would be good for a novice ? I'm curious but quite afraid yet feel is like to open my mind to the possibilities. Micro dosing perhaps. Dippin the does in the H2O so to speak.

  4. About to watch. Shane hasn't let me down with any thing ever. I know it will be good. Commenting because I think it helps the creators. Gotta rate and review to boost the algorithms for content creators.

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