1. over at the http://www.autoflower.net a lot of us have been playing around with light schedules with auto's for years and the majority have found no difference if you run 24hr, 20/4 or 18/6… One thing we all agree on is that you need at least 18hrs of light to get the best performance out of an auto… Yes you can grow under 12hr of light with auto's but you may see a little less in yield and bud size

  2. I think if the dude wants to do that with his auto, next time he should experiment and start her straight off on 12/12. To my understanding the light change will effect her somewhat. I understand why commercial growers aren't interested in autos but for hobby growers and those growing for personal in tents or small spaces I think autos perpetually grown is the way to go. If done properly you could be pulling depending on set up and number of plants you could be pulling several plants a month. There are lots of YouTubers on here that grow autos and consistently get great harvests.Autos will always have a niche, I as time progresses and more knowledge about cannabis becomes available, we will be spoilt for choice on what medicines we can grow.

  3. Using 100 watts in a 3 x 3 area is only appox 11 watts per sq ft. He needs at least 300 watts for decent results

  4. 4 plants÷100watts=25 watts a plant..how can u succeed..i would probably only have 1 plant that more than likely be bigger than them 4 combined..imo

  5. Hey beautiful people! Just wanted to let you all know that I love you and honestly hope y’all are rocking 2019 like a mofo! Keep your head held high! You are healers! Medicine men and women! We have been growing this beautiful plant way longer than pilgrims ever touched foot on the place we call home. It’s all coming back around and the universe is inhaling and bringing us all back to basics. It’s up us whether we listen now or if the grand architect decides we are no longer needed.

  6. Love Scotty and guru. But I sure could do without dude he's always gotta say the exact opposite of them. He sounds douche baggy that better than everyone attitude. Makes me think he belongs up in Canada 😉🤣😂😎

  7. I think that he will only get good autos if u run them 24 light on alway from grow u got to have autos rocking by the first few days are they stay small I don't even know if u get a great auto without using light atleast 18 on but I would go 24 that's how I get big autos

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