1. FUCK U big pharma, you are all a bunch of Liars, Cheaters and Criminals yourself. Because you knowingly let millions of people die, when you knew it could saves lives. The govt and Big pharma should be held responsible. Not just fined but jailed too and held for life or receive Capital Punishment for their crimes. FACTS!!!

  2. wow, where have I been? all this information, I feel like I have been living under a rock. thank you for this video.

  3. I did a high school paper on the reasons marijuana needs to 'be made legal' and was almost kicked out of school…was asked if I did drugs…and all kinds of nonsense.

    One…I had never smoked marijuana….had an 85 GPA; average…and got through classes with a Regents Diploma,…then an RN degree, Liberal Arts degree and more.

    Now….society is coming around…MD's, RN's, lay public…most people want the plant made legal now….self included…and taken off the FDA Class 1 drug list.

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