Progress in Sierra Leone since 2014-2016 Ebola Outbreak

CDC Center for Global Health Director Dr. Rebecca Martin meets with survivors of the 2014-2016 Ebola outbreak. CDC trained health workers to stop the …


  1. You know y'all could have done more… Before the CDC claimed the outbreak .. I found a YouTube video talking about the outbreak and how it killed 20 ppl 6 months before you all did ANYTHING!! Why wait… Why does it need to get bad enough for you all to do ANYTHING!!??? One day the CDC is going to have and outbreak and its going to look like one virus but be something new and your going to wait until there is no fixing it!! You all can do better !! We can do better!! Oh and by the way I did report to the CDC about the YouTube video and about the ebola virus being in the congo 5-6 months before you all did ANYTHING!!! I'm sure you get plenty of silly allegations but come on…When the death reports are piling up and you do nothing … That is ridiculous… Oh and I'm not the only one who reported about the Congo .. Smh !! Look up the congo and ebola on YouTube… You will find videos way before they did or said anything!!

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