Premium Cannabis – Top LA Grower Now Leads Cultivation at Canndescent: Jeff Homolya

Canna Cribs Episode 7 interview with Cultivation Manager of Canndescent luxury cannabis, Jeff Homoyla. FULL EPISODE – – – RIGHT HERE: …


  1. Your content is great! Try to interview Ivan from JungleBoys, he have a good history in icmag. Kevin Jodrey (phylos lol) too, sounds a good guy.

  2. Your channel is straight up 💣💣💣. The suspense is killing me. Enough of the foreplay already brother and let it fly like a porno full of honey's coming all over the place 😁. BTW the way you deliver your content and the depth of your knowledge is a sight to behold. You can just tell that you are all over these guys you interview and I live the way you squeeze more out of them to give us frothers the full picture 👌. Keep it coming hard and fast!! It would be nice for you to do some boutique grows like jungle Boyz or Berner 😙

  3. Robots planting hemp/cannabis…Robots take harvest to 3d printers…Humans get needs/wants…For free…Forever…

  4. Thanks so much for all this extra material. Also can’t wait for the tour of the facility 🔥🔥🔥

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