1. Get you some low power solar lights like you put around your sidewalk. Zip tie one to the top of each of your cages. The light will be enough to stop flowering, be automatic, and recharge itself.

  2. Throw it in the earth it happens they will come back you will notice leafs start to sprout usually they look duck foot 1 or 3 fingers then they come back real bushy each plant reacts different cause of placement in yard sun n shadows shades n stuff. days are getting longer it's a learning process dude ur gonna have monsters have fun trimming great garden

  3. Im waiting for summer solstice before putting my ladies out i put one out and it flowered right away

  4. I’m following KaliGrownBuds and he’s going to trashplant in May so I recommend that because it’s about 2 months before the longest days so it gives u a good amount of sunlight til then and til flower season
    mine are very smaller than that but I will be transplanting into my grown during the first week of May or so and hopefully they don’t flower good luck to you!!!!!

  5. Nice garden, do you have a patio light or something to help you extend the days. Subbed and notified growmie. Stay up G.

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