Pot's surprising history

From ancient China to 420, pot has come a long way. Saturday is a high-ranking made-up holiday. It’s 4/20, aka Weed Day or Pot Day, and that means specials …


  1. LOL Nixon didnt fordide pot only in USA but WORLDWIDE, USA gave MILLIONS dollar to India Nepal Maroc ( and continue to day ) to destroy original fields of marijuana, Nixon 1970 laws are ever in action world wide, Obama did 2 thing he gave 4500 billion of Dollar to Wallstreet Banksters and made of USA the 1st narco state of the world !!!!!! WTF ! World is crazy because USA lead it

  2. The fact it's still illegal is not only absurd it's honestly insulting. Cigarettes and alcohol are fine if you're of age but somehow cannabis is worse than those two?? Makes zero logical or rational sense.

  3. Liars!! American Indians were smoking cannabis 1,000 years before the Europeans brought over tobacco. They were smoking peace pipes and they were smoking Pot in those pipes. Tobacco was brought by the Europeans in the 1,600โ€™s . Your story is false.

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