Police Raid Stage 4 Cancer Patient's Hospital Room For Medical Marijuana

This is an excerpt of The Daily Wrap Up 3/11. Full Episode Can Be Seen Here: Get a TLAV “Question …


  1. Hopefully, these idiots in blue will be grievously wounded while on duty harassing innocent individuals. Sorry no meds for you.

  2. I once explained to a cop that if I grow some marijuana and sell it to my friend that there are no victims and the only true victims are the people arrested by the police I broke this down into the simplest form for the officer and instead of realizing what's going on and admitting that hes wrong for victimizing these people he got angry and just said that it's against the law these cops are so stupid they have no idea why they do what they do or who they even work for the people of this world piss me off with how stupid they are situations like this demand change yet nothing happens if you ever see something like this happen then don't get angry and get arrested just break things down into simple form and explaine who the real criminals are so you can give something to these pieces of shit to think about while they try to sleep at night

  3. Where do they find the stooges to commit these kinds of atrocities against hapless people in dire circumstances? Shame on them!

  4. When a State locks Adults in cages because they choose to consume a Herb that grows Naturally in the Wild its long past time to tear down that State and start again.

  5. I cured a family member of cancer. I ordered a high THC and CBD oil ratio. I locked the doors and spent 3 weeks feeding them the drops. I allowed no one to visit because I trusted no one. Lol…. I cured them COMPLETELY within 21 days. I do not live in the DIABOLICAL Northern Hemisphere but this cancer cure is also banned here.

  6. Thank God for such brave officers defending all of us from these evil cancer patients and their devils weed.

  7. There are laws. The hospital is liable. It is unbelievable that you think this has no bearing on the situation. I agree that for person who is suffering, they should be exempt from the law. But you cant be arbitrary in your outrage. Trump signed an executive order for Right to try drugs. Someone needs to get Marijuana products under that executive order.

  8. Pathetic…medical marijuana is CBD…very little THC ,if any… Big pharma is worried…and we have David Noakes in Wandsworth prison for the crime of successfully treating cancer, without a license !

  9. Surprised they didn't throw him to the ground, come down with a knee in his back: "Come on old man, I know you're holding out, I wanna see a receipt we got our cut".

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