Police Chiefs Unite To Stop Marijuana Legalization In New York

Governor Cuomo wants the state to legalize recreational adult-use marijuana in the next 45 days. Area chiefs of police say they’ll work to stop it. CBS2’s Tony …


  1. People don’t realize that the only way to make it legal throughout the USA is to vote , share posts , attend public events discussing the benefits and participation in order to be heard. Everyone always says “man I hope they make it legal” but never vote or anything to make a stronger case to do so. It’ll probably never happen if people don’t unite and show that more than 56%support legalization. Otherwise the senior citizens and uneducated will keep it illegal because they actually vote and fight it.


  3. IM CALLING BULL FUCKING SHIT!!!! im 24 when I was in elementary school kids smoked cigarettes first then advanced to weed in high school I went to school with all rich white kids drugs and weed is so easy TO GET and you fucking clowns know that already fucking pointless debate fucking psychopaths wants to tell people how they should live there's live what to eat drink how to think FUCK YOU!!!!!

  4. You can create a marijuanalyzer and still lock them up for DWI or black market narcotics trafficking.

    We have to take control of the drug market to prevent narcotics trafficking. These result in innocent members of the community being hit in gang-fueled turf wars over moving it. Marijuana only puts a tiny dent in the drug trafficking and community experiencing gang violence but it's a start.

    Not legalizing it and siphoning off the black market sale of narcotics for what is (literally) an untaxable and non regulated non fatal drug is going to be bad for the community and great for criminals.

    Plus you can still lock people up for DUI if you believe they are under the influence while operating a motor vehicle.

    Both sides can win, here. Nobody said it was okay to drive under the influence. I respect the right to lock up high people driving cars.


  5. Poor police dogs. What will New York spend money on if they don’t have to have dedicated K-9 units locking up nonviolent tax payers. Wonder if there are other states they could look to for guidance. #Cuomoinhales.

  6. Legalize it, tax it and make money off, of it, It's time. People are already smoking it and they are already getting it. And most cops i know smoke it. And they are a lot more functioning members of society that are using it. for it's medical properties.. These officers should focus a lot more on the destructive drugs like Heroin and the Cocaine epidemic, the Homeless epidemic and the real crimes that are happening as we speak and leave this harmless plant and it's users alone.

  7. Stop calling it "Legalization". It is a REGULATION of Marijuana. You can't regulate forbidden things.

    AND: The danger of driving high is the same as driving drunk or under sleep deprivation but you won't see policeman protesting for prohibition or better working conditions for truckers.

  8. what should be illegal is that news net works shouln't be allowed to publish fake news like boston bombing sandy hook etc

  9. Title should read " Morons unite to go against a plant and people who aren't harming anyone. " Cops get paid to enforce law we don't give a damn about their opinion.

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