Please prescribe some Cannabis doc!!

A frank vlog about the limitations of prescribing cannabis to patients. Medical cannabis: ‘I break the law for my epileptic son’ …


  1. how is it that all these other places that have medicinal cannabis have all the studies and the information that they need to prescribe it for their patients, yet the uk is so far behind and doesn't acknowledge it. people are paranoid of being caught with the cannabis, if it was legal or medicinal use the people would not have to be paranoid about it, also if it was sold by a registered cannabis store and not by some street dealer who is selling spice or skunk then all these people would not have to worry about what they are getting or if they are going to have a psychotic episode. and as for people having to pay £800 or more a month just to get a prescription why would they even allow that in the first place if there was not benefits from cannabis?

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