Plant Tour Preview – Fall 2019 (Relaxing)

I am in the process of learning my way around a new camera app for my iPhone (FilmicPro) that is, so far, making shooting decent footage of my plants MUCH …


  1. Such beautiful plants Pam!.. You can tell they've been loved by you!
    I had to laugh at the tiny hands in the pot.. like the plant was saying "ta-da!!"
    The orchid is exquisite!
    Looking forward to seeing the rest!
    Have an awesome week sweetie!

  2. How u gonna give me a teaser😉😘 ur plants are in such pristine condition. Drooling over here. So beautiful thanks for sharing pretty lady!💖💖💖

  3. Night everyone!😴 Last person to fall asleep turn off the lights.💡
    Loved it Pam! 😊 Cheaper than therapy too 👍

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