Plant Paradox Instant Pot in Pot Recipe & Is DR. GUNDRY WRONG about Millet?

Does millet have lectins? One of my viewers said they read it did. And Dr. Gundry said it didn’t because grains without husks/hulls don’t have lectins.


  1. I was BANNED from the facebook group "Plant Paradox formerly Diet Evolution" for this video! First they removed my post and then they temporarily suspended my abillity to comment and post. When i messaged the admins asking why, THEY BANNED ME COMPLETELY FROM THE GROUP. Dr. Gundry, if you see this, i did nothing rude or disrespectful or inappropriate. I can't imagine you would be ok with someone being BANNED from your group for asking questions. GOOD QUESTIONS. wow. I wish i could get a message to you.

  2. Difference Between Seeds and Grains. A seed is defined as an embryonic plant covered in a seed coat, often containing some food. It is formed from the ripened ovule of plants after fertilization. … A grain is a small edible fruit, usually hard on the outside, harvested from grassy crops.

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