Pink Kush CBD Review HempHash

Reviewing all different strains of CBD Flowers let me know what would you like to see. Link to the sellers website After a herb vape? Check out Crater …


  1. Nice looking mate ! Growing this outdoors From Seedsman this year 🇬🇧💚👌🏻 love a 50/50 CBD thc joint it’s my favourite tbh👌🏻💚🇬🇧

  2. What's the best legal weed for home smoking?
    Does it have a effect like real weed? Or is it just a flavoured roll up?

    I want to feel that nice chilled feeling, relaxed in the body & mind, take away the aches and pains in my tendons & bones.

    What you recommend?

  3. You said it doesn’t get you high but it does have a little high effect, compared to if you were gonna get pure CBD isolate which feels like nothing at all, I feel like cbd weed is a little bit like a really mellow cannabis high without the disorientation and the anxiety and paranoia

  4. I ordered some grape ape off hemp elf. Really good! Gunna order some of hemp hash next as there postage is cheaper

  5. My 3 favourite from HH is ‘Mango Chunk’ ‘ Cookies Kush’ & ‘Bruce Banner’ not the ‘Bruce Banner #3’
    Try them out

  6. Не нервничай. Делай свою работу спокойно, радостно и беззаботно.

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