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  2. Phoenix City Council Policy Session – July 2, 2019
    Passionate input from Phoenix citizens on question of establishing a Citizens' Review Board to oversee the Phoenix Police Department.
    City Council will vote on the question at a future meeting.
    Rev. Reginald Walton speaks eloquently, as always, at about 4:06, and I got my two cents in at about 4:54.
    In my opinion, a citizens' review board is necessary for all of us – on both sides – to be able to get together to help all of our Phoenix Police officers to perform at the same level of professional excellence that most of them already do, and that #WeThePeople have a right to expect.
    I tried to be concise and dispassionately analytical, which is required for effective oversight and reform, but these are issues of life and death for many of our fellow citizens – and visitors – who may come in contact with our police, and it's difficult not to get a little worked up, as some did on both sides.
    I'm grateful to all who showed up – city officials, police officers, the news media, and all members of our community – whether they happened to agree with me or not, for taking an interest in our city government, and coming out to participate in running things.

  3. I am so tired of hearing more security more security every time citizens ask for more security the more independent, freedoms, liberty goes right out the window. You asking for more security against each other both citizen's and cops. its b.s

  4. don't you get it what they are wanting to do is expand the IT equipment to link all other forms of surveillance and data analysis. Like one world order. What needs to be asked is who exactly will have access to the data and why is data collection on all officers so important and how long would system files be accessible or stored? For life? There's nothing wrong with a file pen and paper worked fine for years.I think they have a bigger motive on y they want equipment

  5. Creating another department of more government official's and use them to collect more data on humans?? How about it is just simplified and officers who show misconduct be dheld accountable as a citizen would  if it were a citizen>>>

  6. mayor how many times are you going to continue to defend, and praise police??   get on with the topic on discussion

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