Phil Murphy on legal marijuana: 2019 Budget Address

Phil Murphy on legal marijuana: 2019 Budget Address – Governor Phil Murphy unveiled his first state budget during an address to the state Legislature at the …


  1. He did not mention that health insurance premiums and auto insurance will increase significantly because of recreation weed.

  2. Alabama took my 2 month baby and my 6 year old girl over a little weed in my car now im gonna miss all the holidays with my children and i work almost 7 days a week to keep a roof over my kids head to put food in there mouths. Im a productive citizen but yet i get treated like a meth head. Owe and weed is all i like to do i dont smoke cancer sticks i dont drink i havnt went and got myself on prescription drugs becouse i dont need it but look how im being done in this hell hole Alabama.

  3. It's not 1950 anymore I think everybody knows marijuana isn't the evil drug it's been portrayed as I think pharmaceutical drugs are hundred times worse and I think we have the facts to prove it now

  4. Fighting a 8 gram possession charge in passaic. I never stole or even hurt a fly before but im looking at 6 months incarnation and 3 year licenses loss. I feel as though my life is over. I will never have my dream career. I never felt at such a low point in my life…..i live in baltimore, marryland. Marijuana possession is decrimalized. And its only a $100 fine. I would have never brought weed to jeresy if i knew it was this serious ๐Ÿ˜”

  5. His ideology is Leftism not Liberalism .
    Look at California and Venezuela , both are products of the Left .

  6. Phil Murphy needs to back Michael Patrick Carrol's marijuana legalization bill. Find out more on my channel.

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