1. I love you guys I watch you every day I watch the steve and step channel but you win hands down… you work together even with a camera in hand or a device to hold it while you both work Adam you dont make stacey do all the work like I say you work as a team…

  2. I can't imagine the bird seed there wouldn't be good for wild birds too. Just saying if you can't find anywhere to take it.

  3. Lol! More than one "whoops" moments in the begining! I have something I'd like to tell you. But in private. How do I contact you?
    Lol, some homeless person gonna have a party right there at the dumpster with all that beer! And in the next dumpster with all the pet stuff, if you look in the corner, under that pallet, you passed up a good cooler!!!!

  4. I’ve probably asked before and you probably answered it but do you check for recalls on dates and stuff. I’m sure you do a bit. They say it’s not good to change your dogs food all around all the time but if it’s good stuff you can sell it or donate it to a shelter they’ll take it as long as it’s closed. God bless I know you take care of others as well

  5. I want to apologize for texting this much even though this is an additional text if it bothers you. Believe me I talked this much I got Irish in me

  6. I like the stick idea of Mike the scavenger on YouTube uses the same type of deal but his extends I got the head but I'm trying to find the stick old paint rollers are a dime a dozen you know I also use an old speaker magnet on a rope which works great for magnet fishing dumpsters another great video I really enjoy it keep it up I'll try and watch the commercials for a brother👍👍

  7. Beer!!!! I never find beer and always see folks find it. LOL and the divers that find it never drink. I have to have 1 a day to flush my system, Believe it or not, DR orders. odd yes but cancer has stayed in remission for nearly 20 years. At first I could not handle the taste. My lucky day is coming. Great Score. I love the pet dives

  8. I found that same type of score at my PetCo, I am feeding it to my chickens. they don't know they're not parrots/parakeets. Lol. I've also found big bags of black oil sunflower seeds at a couple of stores on my route. They love them.

  9. Happy Birthday Cane, big 6! My son was 21 on the 28th. I can't believe how time flies. Your gifts were so pretty. Find that sweet lady some yarn! Happy diving.

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