[ Peaceful Relaxing Soothing ] Meditation – Monoman

consider subscribing me [Peaceful, Relaxing, Soothing] Meditation – Monoman (Animation by Puuung) In every happy moment, I know an inevitable shadow, …


  1. Thank you for loving my music~!! I can keep making music because of you guys.

    Many people are asking mp3 file and sheet music(tab also) download.
    You can get them at here 👉 http://www.patreon.com/monoman
    also you can check new songs and video sooner,
    Poll system for naming next song together~!
    I'm sorry that I can't send you freely. I think It's unfair to my patrons.

    Consider subscribing me and set alarm for next video~!
    I'm making two videos (short new song and long long video for one of my song)

    Be happy~!!

  2. Really helps me to find peace and quiet time After a long day of work.🙂
    Thank you so much for sharing a wonderful music and helping others to find peace in their heart ♥️

  3. Absolutely love your music!
    I am free right now listening to your music. No more fear, sorrow, pressure, responsibility……
    It's just me and your music right now, a tree by the window, and blanking out….

  4. 🐿️🐿️Very Nice Music, I really like it 🐿️🐿️🌹🌹🌸🌸🍁🍁🌼🌼🌺🏵️💐👌🤗😇😎

  5. Thank you for you. Listening to it was almost like taking a walk down all the bad stuff's I've been through and realizing I'm still around. I made it, it's all going to be alright. If not ~ soon. <3

  6. Your music brings me peace. Thank you.


  7. I used to listen to this for relaxation, I loved this long tune and it would help me sleep. I then showed it to my girlfriend anytime she was sad. Our relationship broke within a night and now anytime I here this all the memories come floating back. I dont come hear to relax anymore
    …. I come here to… cry

  8. I don't what it is about this video and music but I just hope everyone is doing well at this thing life.. we'll get through it sometime

  9. i listen to this every night. thank u for taking the time to make this as its very relaxing and helps me sleep :’) much love <3

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