Party Drug That Treats DEPRESSION? | Wednesday Checkup #22

Ketamine is a popular party drug but it has legitimate medical uses and recently an FDA panel voted to investigate it as a potential treatment for depression.


  1. Depression: Get a brain SPECT scan. Depression is different person to person. TCM works for refractory depression many cases… get a scan first. See a psychiatrist who uses Spect Scan. Mental and behavioral health is terrible in the US unless you have a lot of money, but if you get it right…It can save lives. Dr. Mike check out what they do at Amen Clinics.

  2. The university that treats my depression actually has this and thought about using it on me when I didn't respond to any medication after two years of treatment. They have a ton of really extreme measures, including medically-induced seizures and (experimental) deep brain stimulation. I ended up going the TMS route instead, which was probably for the best. They might put me on ketamine if I have a severe relapse, tho.

  3. Nothing so far including 5 different anti depressants has helped mine. It's probably because I have been on Suboxone for almost 7 years…I dont know what to do at this point other than wean off the suboxone and hope for the best?..

  4. I wish you knew as much about THC/CBD as you do all these high risk drugs like Ketamine, Xanax, Oxymorphone etc etc.

  5. I was in the hospital with SVT, heart tachycardia, they gave me this to put a central line and A – line. Worst experience in my life. DO NOT do Ketamine it SUCKS. I recommend that you ask for a numb instead. I can’t describe what I been through because of how much happened. I remember waking up looking at the clock and just like in the movies the thing was copy and pasting like in the time traveling senses (clock hands weren’t moving back of course) but please. Be extremely careful if you are thinking of doing Ketamine. (I am aware this was different than what it would be for anti depression but this IS WHAT this drug does)

  6. CBT is $120 an hour. Out of pocket costs for most older anti-depressant medications is less than $20 per month with no insurance. Regardless of what the best choice is, there's the choice that I personally can afford. Another example is I know that CBD oil works for me for my anxiety… it costs around $125 a month. My Valium prescription is $1.28 a month private pay. As someone with CPTSD / autism who has been on and off medications for about 30 years, ketamine has given me new hope. I have a prescriber who monitors me regularly and have been using it for about 2 years in both nasal form and troche. It's not a miracle drug, but it has definitely helped me without any of the side effects that plague with with the SSRIs, NSRIs, MAOIs, and tricyclics. It's a nice supplement to my Trazodone when I'm having a sensory meltdown and I only take it as needed. So many people have shamed me for taking it and have strong opinions with no medical backgrounds. Thank you for this video.

  7. My ex was a ketamine addict and seeing the state it put him in I cannot believe it's even being considered. Evil drug, just as bad as heroin. Are we gonna start prescribing heroin for depression too??

  8. God damn. I wish you could be my doctor. I cannot take SSRIs and other anti depressants. They make me incredibly suicidal and increase my ideation to action. My last therapist prescribed me medication and sent me to a counselor for "trauma" therapy and refused to see me further because I'd been raped but was ok still prescribing the pills even though I told them I was having bad reactions.

  9. There's a ketamine research clinic a few miles north of my city. They administer it by IV once a month, and they seem to be getting good results from their patient testimony

  10. Could you comment on the use of Adderall to treat depression? I take it for my ADD but I have noticed significant immediate improvement in my depressive symptoms as well and Googling it reveals similar feelings. How legitimate is this? Love your videos, thanks!

  11. This video is very helpful because my little brother has become very aggravated by depression ever since his 5 years relationship with his girlfriend ended (by her request) a few months ago.
    My only problem is that doctor Mike's explanation is very analytical and too elaborate for him 🙁 I don't know how to explain this to a 20 years old man who went on to do drugs seriously to alleviate his mental pain. He might not want to sit through this. Can anyone advise me on how to break down the video message into precise messages? Thank you very much! 🙏🏻

  12. You have some lump on your neck, Doc. Not your thyroid but much lower to your left. It could be just large veins popping out. I hope it’s just nothing.

  13. Have you heard about using psilocybin as a experimental treatment for depression? Supposedly, a very small exposure works to positively adjust neural pathways for months.

  14. Doctor Mike. In the USA we have got to change how we deal with drugs and addiction. We need to stop imprisonment for use and possession of controlled substances. We should legalize these drugs or at leased decriminalize them. Locking people in cages for long periods of time for use and possession of drugs is the worst way to treat addiction. Addicts need connections and support. Not more adversity and hardship. Manufacturing and dealing these drugs should be a criminal offense but not depression.

  15. I can’t concentrate. I just keep wondering what that shirt is made of to fit like that. There has to be a certain amount of spandex in that baby.

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