1. forza horizon 4 soundtrack hahah! cheers twizted! shits looking good brotha! keep up the good work. Happy growing growmie.

  2. Your roots might be getting eating by the little baby root aphids if it happens to be thick infested on those ones. I use citric acid spray that on soil and burns them

  3. Root rot and curling leaves im thinking you could be overwatering. Let them dry up a bit they like that. Beatiful plants tho man theyre fat!

  4. Use bananas around the base barry them bananas and oranges have d-linonnon in them repels aphids and ants.
    Try not watering so much gotta make those roots stretch.but plants looking on point.

  5. Nice garden! Lots of plants in flower here. but some were already in flower. I wish I planted all the plants in the ground but it was too risky, Trash Barrels are ok, but the whole point of being able to move them around easy failed.. they are sooo heavy! lol IDK maybe it will pay off if at tue end of the season I can manage to move them inside but the sliders wont be big enough i think. lol well at least I have something, my guess is they would be double the size if I put them in the ground.

  6. hey looks like you're starting to catch up to me the only problem is there's no more drought season on the West Coast it's still 500-600 a pound so what do you think the prices are going to be next year we're all getting kicked out

  7. Looks excellent man I would kill for sun and spacing like that but my stupid yard runs east to west not north to south. If I can next year I'll space better and have trees removed. U should put sometime by them stems for people to compare to so they can really grasp the size. Once that tall plant outyields the others I never want to here the word manageable again rofl. Just joking lol my goal next year is training earlier and close the ground. Great work champ. Let's kill it this year

  8. We ain't all in the same boat, but we all have the same goal!!!! One love ☝💚💨 PS that's NOT, my thumb down,🙏☝💚💨

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