1. not knowing what happened…..if they live….they will be super strong plants…I edited this because i didnt know what happened….weird weather this year….

  2. U should defoliate the dead leaves I feel like their sick so it needs to get rid of the infected leaves and shoots
    When I take off leaves and shoots they usually explode more bushy

  3. Do you think that weather will stunt em? Or can thwy still be 7 and 8 footers? Just curious how durable they are.

  4. Hope they bounce back for you mate , they look a bit sad and the clock is ticking 👍🇦🇺👍

  5. Seriously tho some of the u might just be better taking clones having a 7 ft plant that doesn't have the noads anymore seems pointless regardless glad there on the rebound

  6. At least you got some recovering, bro. I hope you get good rewards for your work at the end 🤙🏻

  7. Damn that sucks so sorry dude! It happens though and when it does it sucks bad!!! been there done that! Some of your plants pulled out of it! Good! Hopefully that stress doesn’t hermie them! Cheers bud! Great outdoor setup!

  8. I had faith, ,they would bounce back…
    Time to clean up dead foliage? ?? Get new growth going,,,?????
    These plants are going to be freaking tall by harvest,,
    Good luck

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