1. In 25 yrs of outdoor growing I have never seen a bug problem. Lol now 25 yrs of indoor growing is a different story. But is it age restricted for people to watch videos about making wine or beer , why such the drama over a plant growing video. I am also not a fan of the Youtube premium, I feel like I am being forced to join the site, we as the viewers and video contributors created. Sure you can have a platform but it takes real users to make it work. Awesome size plants. Why use mini kids pools ? Why not just dig a hole and put a bail of pro-mix per plant. I like any method that works, was just curious why the pools, the roots still fan out in the ground, but bucket like a 10 gallon would have a smaller diameter of a plant then your pools or the ground

  2. I had spider mites in my indoor this summer couldn’t get rid of them so I now starting new this fall ☹️

  3. Hey bro, look up the video, about ..leap farm, in Oregon its an organic farm and they have figured out a way to treat for disease and bugs organically just watch the video look it up I'll try to post a link for you it'll be vital to your spider mites infest.

  4. Hey Wetback , we be coming for those weed plants pretty soon , like October some time, you won’t be sleeping to good by that time…

  5. Water a little hydrogen peroxide a few drops of dawn soap works… neem oil is the shit for spider mites. God bless👼🙏💖 chickens eat caterpillars… hope that's a little helpful…

  6. Your a ROOKIE. You should of been spraying from day one. You got this problem cause you skip the most important part maintenance. If you don't want any chemicals use natural sprays. The natural way only works if you use it religiously. Pro's covers there ass from the begining of veg so these problems don't happen. You can even use a soil french for mites. Don't worry you'll get it right next yr rook. O ya u will never get rid them mites by the time you harvest. Them plants have to much foliage.

  7. I usually introduce 2 rounds of nematodes for every grow. In my experience they do a great job at getting rid of not only bugs but the eggs and larvae that are so hard to deal with. Gnats, thrips, aphids, white flies, and the list goes on.

  8. Great grow! For everybody that is talking about how to get rid of insects; it's never about killing live bugs (because that's easy) but rather dealing with the eggs and larvae.

  9. Dr bronners castile soap will kill thripes, aphids, mites basically any small soft boddied insects without killing larger beneficial insects

  10. Amazing healthy plants. Picture and sound quality is good, but if you move your camera slower, it's easier to watch.

  11. New subscriber and I would just like to say awesome set up and amazing garden huge stalks!! Amazing beautiful garden best of luck with those spider mites and for the rest of your grow and channel!!!

  12. Way better video. I owe some of my bud to you for helping me get past the “miracle grow is wrong” idea of growing weed. I’m also using reverse osmosis water and cal mag with teas, along with some millspaysthebills. Anyways,
    We all worry about security for our garden and our family. Of course. I have 2 security camera systems, also have 4 badass pitbulls. Also ready for anything myself like you are. USA 🇺🇸
    I wanted to thank you, ‘cause ever since I supplemented Miracid Miracle grow for acid loving plants, my green is on point like yours are. I took a picture one day of my own garden, then I saw your video, then I used miracle grow and now it’s amazing. You should check out all the new miracle grow products lol. Never thought I’d say that. Ok just wanted to say thanks! Growers unite right? ✌️

  13. Get a few packs of lady bugs they come in 1500 packs for like 10$ if they have bugs the lady bugs WON'T leave your garden

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