Outdoor Grow 2019 Silica for Bigger Strong Plants

outdoor #outdoorgrow #silica #plants hi everyone thank you for joining me in this video of my outdoor grow update. talking about how I make my plants really big …


  1. Nice video and info bro.
    May I suggest you look into Recyclesil.com
    They make a 100% organic silica made from discarded rice hulls. It’s way more potent than raw silica. I should know. I used raw brand for two years before I found Recyclesil.com. If you buy some on their website you can use my discount code to save money. The code is Kaligrownbudz.

  2. Hey buddy,
    Great channel you got here. I actually just ordered a bunch more greensand today and then this was the first video that popped up lol.

  3. Thank you will try that out I have big plants like that to here in Northern California and it can get pretty windy.

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