Outdoor Cannabis Grow 2019! Kanna Genetics King Pin OG!

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  1. I'm going TO say it again: You are one of the top 3 Growers on Social media!!! In My opinion. Their is, Gro Koski,,,, Romulangenetics, and SoFloGro,,, I think you 3, are the best growers going, as we speak!!! I've learned a lot from you 3, scrambled it all together, AND, made My own growing style!!! And damm, it's working!!! Growers Love, My Friend!!! ……….. Peace!!!

  2. Sweet Bro. 👌 Lookin' Good 👍 In Usual Godz Fashion, Peace, Love and Hippie Beadz ✌💚 and Much Respect, Man 💯👊😎

  3. lol you always have to kill it. i frigin love the video. you have outdone yourself again. great job. Frigin dope set up and creativeness. Love it. I am so frigin proud of you buddy. much love and respect my friend. peace.

  4. I love seeing the little starters turn into giant beasts in one video. They're already gorgeous!

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