Outdoor cannabis Gorilla Grow 2019, seeds are all 100% popped, preparing the ground for Auto Flowers

Outdoor cannabis Gorilla Grow 2019, seeds are all 100% popped, preparing ground for Auto Flowers This week 100% of the Zambeza seeds have popped also …


  1. The black seed pods are our hand Grenades, Bless Worldwide from California gorilla army, United we are an Army

  2. good thing u have that plant covered by screen. i had a crop eaten by critters once. in canada we can grow four legally inside now. thank u have fun.

  3. What can I do to fix stretching and some yellowing in second day of seeds coming out of Rockwool got a video on my very new Ig burnbudsnotbridges would appreciate the guidance tips and advice thanks

  4. Zambeeza popping all over the uk ! those Grasshopper genes look special that i've seen, looking sweet mate keep it up.

  5. Nice one buddy tht deeep cheeese is beautifull bro shes gonna be a beast buddy gonna need ay tie bend the lott to kp her dwn from towering your autos buddy cant wait to see her shes in full veg booooom mode the days r only getting longer shes gonne b a topper ✌✌✌✌outstanding buddy thts a good idea recycle yer soil etc from all yr round for the outdr patch am gonna start doing tht and ament it into the patch✌✌✌looking gd buddy cant wait to see how ur ladies indoors r doing keeeep it greeen mafriend n stay litt✌✌✌✌✌👍👍👍💚

  6. Thanks to all of you the put the 👍 to all my video, I love all of your comments and incredibly kind words you write

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