1. Your soil has to much fertilizer in it. Your girls are fuhkin pressed man. You guys that wanna show out for YouTube and grow big monsters plants and saturate the soil with fertilizer. Your plants should be way bigger then that. But your a fuhkin idiot like most people. What a joke

  2. #GodzWeedz #PeaceLoveAndHippieBeadz
    TwizTD mah Brudder! Love the use of the Z's in that name. 💚 Wonder why? 😂👌 Garden looks absofawkinglootly fantastic, my friend. I especially find myself interested in TwizBerry and I don't have one of your slapz. My Business Email is mazter.of.godz@gmail.com 📮 Shoot me a Email and let me know who you are and maybe we can trade Slap for Slap. Just let me know who you are (TwizTD RooTZ)so I can respond accordingly. Nowz The Part Where Godz Sez What he Alwayz Sez, Peace, Love and Hippie Beadz ✌💚 and Much Respect, Growmie 👊😎

  3. Looks awesome!! How much do you guess on yield? Wondering because my garden is about the same size.

  4. Looks good brotha… remember not to spray or water past 8am… The plants mouth is open around 3am-8am or till due is off ground.

  5. I love all the different styles and different strains. Alot of beautiful medicine. Aloha brotha

  6. nice garden! can anyone tell me if the sex of a seed is set in the seed itself or something that can change ? i really can't find a straight answer.

  7. Love your garden 🙂 Your wife (i'm assuming its your wife) didn't like the camera lol I don't blame her, i hate being recorded too..

  8. So far. (Y)
    That row you have with fence on either side,, is that running north/south or east/west?
    I like the idea of doing that.
    I burnt mine the exact same way last season, I was lost for a week or so. flushed, waited. They bounced back by the end more or less. I hadnt seen that trick before,, so it threw me. 

    Cool lesson to remember: …NEVER spray with out being CERTAIN that you rinsed the sprayer from the last usage.

  9. Looking good man that hedge row is really filling in pretty nicely. I love seeing how fast plants can outgrow damage it's pretty amazing. I haven't trained my plants lightly I've broken ripped and popped plenty lol but it all recovers

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