OOZE twist slim vape pen unboxing.

Unboxing, trying and reviewing OOZE twist slim vape pen on cannabis carts. A video i found in phone meant to share while back. Thanks Check out my vid on …


  1. New to this smoking method…can you tell me what the purpose of the different voltage settings are please 🙂

  2. Just got this today in the white color. The head shop wouldn’t sell it to me with a medical card and said I needed to send my mom in with the money even though I’m legal for weed purchases and can buy batteries in dispensaries

  3. You are a burned out dumbass dork, omg!!! You are retarded can't even talk and..the vaping that you did was lame, jus like you!! Dnt do anymore videos, you suck!!FR

  4. Hey bro, just got home with this battery-works great but my cartridge sucks. Anyway I just wanted to say you are by far the most knowledgeable about vaping on youtube and you explain yourself much more clearly than others. I noticed this not just by your video but by reading through all the comments and seeing your interactions with people's questions. Great job. And you do it while being high af lmao.

  5. And I do dankvape reviews and other videos I upload something at least once a week so go look up teezeythedabmaster and let me know what y’all think y’all like the videos make sure you subscribe get high

  6. Stop smoking glass cartridges they are fake majority of the time try to dankvapes or something that has a ccell cartridge

  7. I got an ooze 900 mAh but after I charged it it doesn't turn on. And yes I keep it clean, I didn't over charge it I pulled it off as soon as it was green and I tried clicking it 5 times, and like some suggestions I clicked 10 times. Any suggestions?

  8. What’s the deal with the preheat mode? Can’t seem to get the hang of it to use it. I only get hits by holding the button. Is it even necessary for vape cartridges like the one you have?

  9. That oil must be weak as fuck you hit my dank vape you coughen first mayb 2nd hit depending on your lungs

  10. Mine won’t hit for some reason. It lights up and everything and I also have it fully charged. Haven’t gotten a hit yet. Got it today

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