Oklahoma Just Legalized Medical Marijuana. This Fight Is Almost Over.

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  1. I'm so happy that our state has the most free of free markets with regard to medical cannabis.

  2. I am saying this. I voted for this. I am a conservative, a gun owner, licensed carrier of a firearm, a hunter, a Veteran, and an avid shooter. I am hoping that someday soon the federal government gets over the old movie "Reefer Madness" and gets with the rest of the real world. This plant has been around well before any level of what we call "government" has existed. It was never an issue, hell it was a medicine. And I have seen nothing in the constitution or the bill of rights that say anything against the use of a plant, if there was I think Tabaco would be also a banned substance, it is far more dangerous than marijuana and damn sure far more addictive. I have been fighting that habit for the last 20ish years and at this point I have been smoking cigarettes for 36 years, just started vaping and it seems to work so far. Haven't had a cigarette in 20 days. Btw, I drink and I can say I have seen far more negligent discharges by drunks than I have ever seen out of stoners. I stopped smoking weed about the time I reached 30 years old, a few years later I joined up and served 8 years in the U.S. Navy as a Seabee, I feel I earned the right to enjoy some of the leaf. Yeah, that new stuff out smells great, better than what we had back in the day, but hell, I like my guns and this right is an inalienable right, I didn't have to earn it and I haven't done anything to loose it. Why should a plant that might endanger the contents of my refrigerator ( I have spend money to refill, which means tax money) be a problem?

  3. Hate to comment on a TYT video… But we Okies are seeing that marijuana is David and Opioids are a dangerous Goliath that desperately need to be defeated.

  4. No Oklahoma has legalized 8 ounces of weed. If it was legal possession of any amount would be legal. Who wants to grow 8 ounces every 2 months? That is gay.

  5. Oklahoma did NOT legalize medical marijuana. Please get your facts straight and report the truth. Oklahoma like many other states have RE-allowed, RE-legalized medical marijuana. It was legal and allowed until 1937 when Harry Anslinger called for it to be federally outlawed because of its use among those he considered degenerate races. Harry Jacob Anslinger, perhaps you might look him up. Marijuana was a recognized U.S.P. listed medicine from 1851 to 1942, United States Pharmacopeia, big book of all listed medicine. Removed thanks to Anslinger's call for prohibition of marijuana to protect his career as a federal agent following the repeal of alcohol prohibition. After all his new agency needed something to enforce and arrest people for. Perhaps you could expose WHY the marijuana was made illegal, WHY millions of Americans have been arrested, incarcerated, and denied medicine for the past 80+ years.

  6. Marijuana is a drug. Alcohol is a drug. People are going to be so elated when It's legal. It's when you give alcohol to an alcoholic who has gone a long time without it. They're gonna drink it like there's no tomorrow. Same think with weed smokers. They're gonna get in their car and drive. They're gonna be disillusioned. And people drink and smoke at the same time. It's not like people do either/or.

  7. I cant wait till it becomes totally legal. Then the DUI's will skyrocket. And all these people's family's will be victims of it.

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