Off-White “Gram” Wax Cartridge! Unboxing & Review!

OffWhite #Cart #Cartridge #Waxpens #Waxcarts #Review ONE OF THE FIRST Off-White “Gram” Wax Cartridge Samples! Unboxing & Review! if you’re new …


  1. I smokin one of these rn, I been taking massive hits for about 30 mins n don’t feel very high, I’m definitely hi although it feels a bit different, maybe has some other oils like vape juice or something. Taste is 7.5/10 because it is good just gets old quick.

  2. I just got the exact same cart and I don't know it doesn't hit whatsoever there is no smoke the battery is good maybe the actual cart isn't hitting the battery but it twists on there perfectly help me please

  3. Anyone on these comments posting fake and boof are bandwagon cunts who started smoking when it turned legal and if not then hv been smoking those same pesties for years and now all of a sudden think they're f**** marijuana quality control because they learned some info on the internet

  4. I just got one.. no flavor but hits really good..idc… it does its job and that’s just 2 sweet 🤘🏽

  5. China cart! that cart alone probably has chemicals contaminating the oil before its even put in the fake packaging.

  6. Just went to a dispensary yesterday a got a cartridge I can tell u right now the oil moves slower than a goddamn turtle in a rabbit race

  7. It’s fake but with that being said it’s black market fake.. as in it can still be legit oil but it’s just someone making it themselves, we call it fake because there isn’t a lab test to see what they actually put in it. That being said I got a gushers off white cart, got me high af so idc

  8. All yall wanna be gangsters stfu, yes im sure they probably all are not offical off white….most of yall lil fuckers are too young to even remember when local growers would just go to the head shop and get a bunch of those cheap plastic empties and have a homeboy thin the bho out with VG and shit. Nasty af but 10yrs ago+ you didnt here people bitchin about maybe having pesticides in their concentrate or bud, if it looked, smelled, tasted, ect on point…shit it is what it is. But anyways I got one of the off white carts a few months back. It was a lemon fuel, im guessing is a hybrid jet fuel and lemon skunk…Im not sure but i say lemon skunk because when you take the cart off the battery you can smell str8 funk…and i know the dif between artificial terp boof and n sum decent..also the oil looked just like the homie Ronnie Rays and that shit is thick as, lasted like a full week which is pretty damn impressive. I didnt love the specific strain that much, kinda weird hybrid high, but thats just my preference. You do have some presence on camera tho, im pretty sure i seen a vid you did maybe a couple yrs ago about a fuct x ftp pop up and all the exclusives you copped…
    Oh yeah one more point and then im done, i prom. People like Berner who are huge right now with the cannabis industry and clothing, ect were (in the case of berner) were doing their thang way b4 any of this shit was legal…sorry im stoned but what im trying to get at is im prettttty sure that these guys have a big chunk of that black market cart money in theird pocket. Dude was str8 selling bud from the dispensaries he worked at, or more through their "vendors", to his homies n illegal clientele…dudes slick and hes admitted to all this. So why wouldnt he let a few pints of clr honey every other day to a homeboy to sell his shit on the black market where theres more money to be made, have ur dude in china shoot you some dif packaging, everythings untraceable but the name is there, the look, and i got two "fake cookie" carts like 2 weeks ago but that shit was sooooo damn good, not boofy in the least and i could easily tell it was strain specific by taste and high…like with the gelati you str8 taste the gelato with that og goodness to it. I dunno, you younger generation of potheads dont realize how good they got it,especially in legal states. Thats it, sorry i havent commented on youtube in years so i had to just splooge everywhere there…enjoy and thanks for the review big homie.

  9. why the fuck would a clothing company make marijuana cartridges, there's 0 info on Off-White making weed products therefore it's a street brand, not knocking just surprised you thought they were real

  10. Put a disclaimer saying this is legal in the state your in and how you have a medical card ALSO MAKE SURE YOU SAY YOUR NOT PROMOTING SMOKING and all that bs

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