OCS Review Weed Unboxing #4 San Rafael '71 Tangerine Dream, Solei Balance & Tokyo Smoke Ease CBD BUD

OCS Unboxing Weed Review. San Rafael ’71 Tangerine Dream, Solei Balance Harmoniser & Tokyo Smoke Ease. CBD BUD! OCS Weed Review Below:) Taste …


  1. Try Edison Mongolian if you like a good body high and the munchies..was pretty good😀 It's the hash plant strain. Also great for pain…..can help the pot professor out

  2. yo if you do not know how to smoke normally like everyone else at the joint or the bong srx you are nooble lolllllllll

  3. Good job guys. I've made a few reviews and I haven't seen weed that looks that good. Except for Broken Coast, almost all the weed that I have reviewed is bone dry. I question those pictures. I wish I would get weed that looks that good from an LP. I also loved the Tangerine Dream. Keep up the good work

  4. That you talk favorably about Solei makes me question the taste here…

    Tokyo Smoke is not a company created by Tweed, so not a fun fact. They were bought by Canopy and used to be 10% owned by Aphria; and the product AFAIK is still re-branded Aphria until that contract runs out.

    Here's a fun fact though, I believe the Tangerine Dream is actually the strain 'Purple Tangie'; it's definitely Tangie (there's a blog article online from a couple years back explaining this) but the purple def makes me think its PT (just google some pics, identical)

  5. Right on guys i was curious to how it was. I would like to invite you guys to come join our facebook group feel free to post your videos up in there its the same name as my channel taker easy guys

  6. My tangerine dream had little holes (dug bug burrows). worst part was i mixed it with my local guys flower now all my flower has little holes. The government is helping me quit smoking.

  7. I tried the Tangerine Dream its amazing.. You guys should do a review of Tokyo Smoke Go, that shit came in at 20% smelled out of this world and it was better then LiiV kinky kush @ 27%..

  8. Great review guys, I like the shorter format. Have you heard of the price hikes with San Rafael & Medreleaf?

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