No-Weed Garden: May 2019

Planted out butternut, zucchini, and a couple yellow squash transplants. Added Candy and Australian Brown onion to the containers to grow in the same space …


  1. Hi there Brent we have got four from four of your seeds you sent us very impressed with the germainion, you have plenty going on in your no weed garden and can't believe you have tomatoes that size fruit already. All the best Bill and Val

  2. I bet your are really pleased with that growing space Brent and I will be looking forward to seeing your progress throughout this season.

    ♻️Happy Gardening……..♻️Terry King ♻️

  3. Rain is something we been getting almost each day or every other day. Crops looking good. I hope you have a great cropping year.


  4. Awesome garden man! Looks like mine but much larger. I did 300- 5 gallon viagrow panda bags 2 years ago and will never do that again. Lol. I think I used about 8 cubic yards of soil to fill them all. One thing I can say about those panda bags is they allowed me to start 1 month earlier and extended season a month, so I went from about 6 months of growing to about 8.

  5. I aspire to be as productive as you are. You've got a ton of plants growing already. I've got a bunch of starts waiting for the weather to break to go outside in the ground. I've got about 30 pots full of flower seeds that I have tented in plastic. (A new experiment I'm working on). I just love your no weed garden. I love growing!

  6. Next year I'm going to have to set up something like you did here, I will have to title my garden," the weeds took over Garden", as always I enjoy your presentations

  7. Brent, will the varmits get to the container product that grows outside of the fence? Could you plant marigolds as a perimeter protection?

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